New Creation is currently looking for a part time Office Administrator.  Below you will find a complete job description.

The Office Administrator Team is to oversee and perform all needed activities of the Church Office while maintaining a cheerful, organized and friendly atmosphere for all who enter the office area. The Office Administration Team reports directly to the Pastor.


A person serving in this capacity should:

● Demonstrate a high commitment as a Christ-follower evidenced in personal and family life as well as in serving as Office Administrator.
● Nurture and grow in faith through regular prayer and participation in at least one small group Bible Study.
● Give a leadership witness of a financial stewardship to New Creation that evidences great joy, sacrifice and faithfulness.
● Communicate and establish effective working relationships with Ministry Team Leaders, other Ministry Team Members, Pastor and congregation.
● Employ high quality time management skills and organizational abilities so as to effectively coordinate and oversee all Ministry Team objectives along with resolving any problems should they arise.

NOTE: The list of Specific Responsibilities listed below are not intended, and should not be construed to be an exhaustive list of all unchanging duties, skills, efforts or working needs associated with this ministry area. It is a current reflection of those essential job duties, but can always be revised as needed.


The Office Administrator responsibilities include:

● Must have an attitude of genuine caring for the congregation, staff, and guests
● Maintain a positive attitude at all times and poise under pressure.
● Maintain a servant’s heart regarding the job description
● Maintain a cooperative team spirit with staff, volunteers, and congregation.
● Demonstrate a willingness to learn new tasks and functions.
● Exhibit a “whatever it takes” attitude.
● Have excellent command of English composition and punctuation.
● Possess a basic understanding of WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Excel
● Personal dress and appearance appropriate to the business and ministry of the church.
● Be a part of a Christian-Faith community, New Creation Lutheran Church or another church
● Commitment to personal loyalty to the Pastor, Ministry Team Leaders, and Council Members.
● Possess personal discretion concerning information of Church life and ministry shared in the normal flow of staff relations.
● Personal integrity and self-motivation in the fulfillment of ministry.
● Maintain church calendar in detail
● Make sure pertinent calendar items are communicated to the congregation via the weekly announcement sheet or other means.
● Proofread and expertly correctly weekly bulletins, church brochure, announcement sheet, and prayers, and all other written materials submitted for publication and reproduction prior to copying, mailing and/or distribution.
● Prepare the MediaShout for conducting the worship services on Sundays.
● Maintain complete, orderly, and up-to-date files on all areas of church life, business, facilities and ministry.
● Know where all office supplies are stored and maintain inventory. Maintain list of needed supplies.
● Respond to problems with office equipment and take appropriate action to remedy the situation.
● Responsible to see that all Membership, Baptismal, Funerals, Marriages, etc. records and certificates are artfully prepared. Make copies of each and keep excellent files and records in the Church office. Put originals in appropriate envelopes; makes sure Pastor has them in time for service.
● Make sure the main office and workroom areas are kept orderly, stocked with supplies, and cleaned at the end of each day. Do not allow junk and clutter to accumulate.
● Copy and distribute correspondence as necessary; maintain correspondence files.
● Develop and maintain a Main Office Reference Book containing basic information on all activities and ministries and office functions.
● Deliver outgoing mail to the post office at end of the work day.
● Personalize thank you letters and other pre-formatted correspondence when requested by Pastor or staff.
● Maintain accurate membership information in Servant Keeper program.
● Track weekly attendance for both worship services. Keep guest attendance current and provide copies to the Pastor and the Outreach Ministry Leader.
● Maintain and keep current a Birthday/Anniversary calendar for all members
● Renew and keep current all licenses—video, music, etc.
● Compose letters/post cards/reminders for the Pastor and other Ministry Team Leaders regarding meetings, etc.
● Compile, edit, and reproduce materials for the Monthly Council Meetings and Congregational Annual Meeting.
● Send e-mail reminder to Council members of monthly meetings.
● Compile, edit, and reproduce materials needed for Young Disciples class. Arrange classroom per Pastor’s instructions.
● Keep up to date Young Disciples roster and Youth Servant schedule.
● Create snack, drink, and adult helper list for Young Disciples.
● Archive the history of the church
● Maintain the welcome pads with sharpened pencils, prayer request cards, offering envelopes, and sign-in sheets.
● Accurately record all monies given by members into the General Fund/Capital Fund.
● Provide envelopes and deposit slips to money counters.

The above duties are not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Therefore, additional duties may be assigned from time to time as emergencies and other situations dictate.


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