New Creation is currently looking for a youth director.  Below you will find a complete job description.

The Youth Ministry Team Leader provides leadership, guidance and support to ministry among middle school and high school age youth of the congregation. The Youth Ministry Team Leader reports directly to the Learning Ministry Team Leader. The ideal candidate will foster Christian community through building relationship with young people that strengthen their commitment to the church and grow in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek a professional leader with a background of solid understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith, the Lutheran tradition, and a strong desire to nurture young people in the faith. The Youth Director will be someone who can generate new ideas and programs and who values a team concept of ministry.


 A person serving in this capacity should:

  • Have a passion for working with teenagers in a Christian environment, and feel led by God’s calling to serve in this area
  • Be able to effectively connect with the youth on an interpersonal level and council youth when needed.
  • Be able to effectively communicate with parents of the youth and assist parents in engaging with their child’s “Christian walk with God”
  • Attend training classes/ seminars that would prosper new ideas and equip the Youth Director for service
  • Be a positive role model for the youth, leading a life consistent with that of a disciple of Christ
  • Nurture and grow in faith through regular prayer and participation in at least one small group Bible Study.
  • Possess the ability to work efficiently and effectively in Ministry Team situations as well as independently.
  • Communicate and establish effective working relationships with Ministry Team members, other Ministry Team Leaders, Pastor and congregation.
  • Employ high quality time management skills and organizational abilities so as to effectively coordinate and oversee all Ministry Team objectives along with resolving any problems should they arise.

NOTE: The list of Specific Responsibilities listed below are not intended, and should not be construed to be an exhaustive list of all unchanging duties, skills, efforts or working needs associated with this ministry area. It is a current reflection of those essential job duties, but can always be revised as needed.


The Youth Director responsibilities include:

  • To lead and guide the youth by following the mission statement, values and vision of New Creation Lutheran Church
  • Attend monthly council meetings and meet regularly with other volunteer leaders
  • Report to council on a monthly basis, including a summary of activities from the previous month, future monthly plans, and any issues that council can assist and support.
  • Assist the youth to develop and enhance their personal relationships with Christ and with each other.
  • Leading the youth to develop a Christian world view and to recognize the influence that secular culture has on their lives.
  • Integrating the youth into the broader life of the church
  • Equipping and leading the youth to reach out to other youth who are un-churched
  • Being a role model for the youth by demonstrating a Christ-like attitude in all circumstances
  • Leading the New Creation ministry for middle school and high school age groups, and leading the Young Disciples Sunday School class on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Evenings
  • Prepare objectives, goals, and strategies to enhance the growth and successfulness of the youth program
  • Planning and coordinating special events, service projects, fund raisers, and other activities for New Creation throughout the year. This would include the following but not exclusive to: mission trips, summer of service activities, organize youth to volunteer for church activities, organize fun group activities on at least a monthly basis, co-work with Andy Lynch and staff of OGHS to enhance the growth of FCA, organizing camp Luther trips and National Youth Gathering trips
  • Being attentive to the special needs and concerns of teenagers and structuring programs to address those issues in a Christian context
  • Developing leadership skills within the youth by enabling them to plan and conduct some of their own activities
  • Being well prepared in advance for all meetings and activities
  • Researching resource materials to select and/or develop curriculum, lessons, and activities for the youth
  • Participate in activities with other local churches to provide support and spiritual growth
  • Developing and maintaining a position of authority and respect while working with the youth
  • Educate the youth on how to use the bible as a tool for spiritual growth and enhancement in their lives
  • Have prior experience, professional training, and/or education in youth ministries
  • Be personally involved in Bible studies, encourage peers to be personally involved

The above duties are not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Therefore, additional duties may be assigned from time to time as emergencies and other situations dictate.


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